New challenge!!!


(Merci !! Thank you! )

Hello. How are you ???

I have decided that I write blog everyday before 2 years, but now I am writing only a few times in a month.

2 years ago, I am SASAKI-YOHINTEN's owner, so I have to introduce about vintage clothes, my works, and my wife's works on blog, this is my job, I want to spread our product to overseas.

But now, also I want to be an artist. 

So I can't write blog everyday I don't have time , I wanna make my works more.

And I decided that I don't write blog everyday. But if I have important news, I will write an article on blog.

And my artist activity is very well.

My article appeared in the Brazilian magazine in September.

Please click about article of Brazilian magazine.

And I joined to exhibition at France.

This exhibition is "BLEU de travail" at Roubaix.

I sent 2 my works, they are SUPER BORO BORO JACKETs.

I wanted to visit here but I couldn't because Covid19.

These pictures are from my facebook friend.

(Merci monsieur B !!!)

I am very happy joining this exhibition.
This place is so cool!!!
I must visit to this place someday.
Please click this URL if you want to know why I could join this exhibition.

And what will I do next challenge?

Actually today is my birthday.

I am 39 years old.

My first challenge in 39 years old is this!

My pop up is my first challenge in my life.

And place is MACAU !!!

And the cooperation store of my pop up is COL BLEU.

One day, I got DM on IG from COL BLEU.

They said " I want to buy this work."

I said " OK thank you, please click this URL."

And I said " By the way, your store is very cool! Please hold pop up my works at your store."

And they said"Sounds interesting!"

And our pop up started.

This time also I can't visit to Macau because Covid 19.

But I want to visit to COL BLEU when Covid 19 gone.

I will write about this pop up information more. 

Thank you!




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