About exhibition at France

How are you ?
We are very well! 
I am Mitsugu Sasaki, my works are SUPER BORO BORO series and
Vintage Remake series.
It's been a month since my last blog post.
I had stopped to writing blog,
and then I spent to making my works and editing to video on YouTube.

So far my works are going well. 
"I want to make this! " " I want to make another one! " " I need more time !"
But YouTube videos are not good.
My videos are boring, I think.
Almost my videos are 2 min to 3 min.
But I think everyone can't watch 2 min.
So I have to think about that. 
So I am stopping edit video on YouTube now.

YouTube video is very difficult.
Instagram is very easy to see all photos in an instant.
But YouTube can't do that.
We can read blog , very slowly or very quickly.
But YouTube is difficult about that.
So I have to research about my youTube video.
Please give me time.

Anyway, here is the main news.
Today's news is exhibition at France.

Date is 18th September to 4th October.
"BLEU de travail"
Place is LE NON LIEU.
Works of 21 artists will be gathered.
Theme is "BLEU de travail", this mean is "Blue work" I think.
I love Blue !!! I love Blue work wear.

Actually this place is North France.
City is Roubaix.
Do you know why I was invited?

Last year, I joined this exhibition.
One day, I got email from an artist joined this exhibition about BLEU de travail.
She said she would introduce me to organizer of this exhibition.
And then I could join to this.
Thank you for owner of Marianne-Cat.
Thank you for Ysabel.
Thank you for Olivier. 
Thank you so much for everyone.

So I was thinking about what to send.
SUPER BORO BORO series or Vintage Remake series?
And then I decided that.

These 2 jackets left Japan before 2 weeks , and already they arrived in France.
These works are fusion of Japanese and French culture.
I hope these works will resonate to French people.
Last year my works went to South France.
This year my works will go to North France.
Next, my works will go to East France and West France, and then last I hope my works will go to Paris.
And then I hope my works will spread to worldwide.
(I know this is not easy.....)



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