Hello, it's been a while!
I am sorry I couldn't post blog.
I have started YouTube channel and updated.
I have to edit video to update on YouTube so I couldn't write articles.
I was so busy, but I don't know. My channel is very difficult, I couldn't edit video for my works.
So I am posting only Instagram. (and facebook)

My account of instagram introduces about my works and my life.
And I am posting progress of works on the Stories.

Our store, Sasaki-Yohinten has closed in 2019.
(If you don't know why our store closed in 2019, 
please read other articles. I wrote about that a lot.)
My wife couldn't work from Autumn 2018, 
so Sasaki-Yohinten is not our store, just my store.

I got about 2000 followers more this year.
So I introduce about our store to new customers.

This picture is Sasaki-Yohinten.
My wife and I started small store since 2014.
We love old fabric and old clothes, so we are making clothes by old fabric and we are collecting vintage clothes.

We collected vintage clothes from worldwide, like that USA, France, UK, Germany, 
Switzerland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Japan, China.
I love indigo blue works and handmade works, I am looking for like that.

Actually I get only cotton and hemp fabric.
I am felt warmth from them, like that humanity? like family? I don't know how I write this feeling by English.
Anyway they have good texture.
Of course the wool has them. But I don't like that wool has itchy.
So I usually don't use wool.
And I don't use Chemical fiber ,  but I only use polyester by thread of sewing machine.
If I found thread like that strong cotton thread and good for old fabric, I will change it.
And I don't use leather fabric.
If vintage clothes and old goods are attaching leather parts, 
I will use very carefully.
I will never ever use brand new leather fabric.

And this picture is "SASAKI-JIRUSHI".
Both my wife and I are making "SASAKI-JIRUSHI", but it's very different my works and her works, very very different style.
So from this season, I am going to change name to "MITSUGU SASAKI", 
this is my real name.
I love vintage clothes a long time.
A repairing of US vintage denim is very beautiful I think.
It looks like magic, damage is gone.
I think this is professional works.
But I like repairing of not professional like that a wife mended husband's workwear.
Because also I am felt warmth from these repairing spots.
I want to sew like that.

Other than that I am making "SUPER BORO BORO SERIES". 
I am taking a lot of time for this works, each 1 work takes over 50 hours.

And this photo is her works.
Her name is "Chiho Sasaki". 
I don't know her work's name is "Chiho Sasaki" or "Sasaki Chiho". 
She doesn't decide name yet.
These works were made by her before 2 years.
She couldn't make works this 2 years, so her desire of making will be explode soon.
So I don't know about her work's style wii be change or not.

We are going to move our house and workroom to next town in August.
So you can see her works end  of August or September.

This is our shop these days.

Almost listing items are my works.
This is not Sasaki-Yohinten.
We have to fix after we moved.

I want to list other craftsman's works, 
but actually I don't have time.
I am so busy, because I have to do making works, taking pictures, listing items on web store, shipping to customers, posting on SNS, and more.
So I don't know I can find other craftsman and list their works.

My future goal is for "MITSUGU SASAKI" to spread abroad.
10% of my account's followers are Japanese, 
90% of followers are people from abroad.
So I hope that my works will go to various region.
And now my works are going to France for exhibition.

(Please read this article.)

And I have a plan this November, 
my works will go to one country and we sell them for a limited time.
I will write about this after. 
This year, we can't go to abroad easily because Covid-19.
So I have to learn English this year more.
And I want to go to abroad next year.(If I become be able to speak English...)

And my wife is thinking about how to sell.
Because she was selling her works only Sasaki-Yohinten web store until now. 
But she want to change how to sell. 

So we have to prepare for moving. I can't make new works and list them on web store.
So I will list works again end of August or September.
Please wait a little.
Thank you and Arigato.
(If I mistook sentence or spell, please teach me.)

By the way, I will post on Instagram, so please check out!




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