It's March.



How are you???

We are very busy everyday.

Because my son graduated kindergarten last week, 

and he will go to elementary school next month. 

His new daily life will be coming soon. 

My wife and I are very happy for his growth. 

Anyway we are very busy preparing for going to a new school.

But she still made new works and listed our web store.

Please check out!

We listed more items on Etsy. but some items were already sold out, 

so please check out quickly!!

And about me. I made a lot of blue patchwork items.

I was making many blue patchwork items because I will join this exhibition.

Last year I was invited and joined this exhibition, [BLEU de travail] .

I am invited to this event again, 

so I send a lot of blue patchwork stuff to France. 

This is the reason.

[BLEU de travail] will hold in May but I can't visit to there because Covid-19.

I wish that I can go to this event someday.

Also I made this one while I make blue patchwork items.

BORO + Ukiyo-E Artwork.

This is Tosyusai Syaraku's "Ichiwaka Ebizo no Takemura Sadanoshin".

This one is the biggest one, so I took 12 days to make this.

Please check my short video on YouTube.

I can't decide the official name of this artwork yet. 

And also I can't decide whether to sell posters, postcards, or something yet. 

I still think about that.

You know all of my works are very expensive because they are all handmade.

But I want to set a not expensive price for this series.

Anyway, please take care of your self!!!

Thank you for reading.




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