Ukiyo-e + Japanese antique cloth


Hello, how are you?

How about the Covid-19? How about you and your family?

I wish all the people are safely. 

Anyway we are super busy this month. 

My son will finish graduation from kindergarten in March, and then he will go to elementary school this spring. 

And my daughter will change her preschool this spring.

So we have to prepare a lot of thing.

So I don't know that I can make many works and list them on Etsy this month.

Anyway we will do our best.

By the way, I started new challenge even this busy time.

This work is that combine Ukiyo-e and Japanese antique cloth.

When I saw my posts ranking of last year, I noticed about some characteristics.

I noticed about that Japanese Boro style are popular on my account. 

So in my works, Japanese Boro style is more popular than European vintage remake style.

And another problem, I was thinking about own exhibition a long time.

I want to hold my exhibition, but my works are all handwork and unique works.

So if my works were sold, I am very very happy but I can't hold the exhibition.

It's very difficult that this problem.

But I was thinking about this problem a long time not to give up.

And I remembered about this book when something happen.


7 years before, when my wife and I were still having physical store of vintage clothes in Tokyo, we went to an exhibition of Ukiyo-e.

And we bought this book at the time.(But I lost this book, so I bought again)

And then I noticed about that.

1. Ukiyo-e is very popular in the world for a long time.

2.Also Kimono and Boro are very popular in the world these day.

3.My works are little bit popular, I want to spread more!

4. Actually my drawing technic is better a little.

5.My hand-stitching is good, I can sew various shapes.

6.I like Ukiyo-e, Japanese Boro and hand-stitching.

7.I want to hold own exhibition someday.

And finally the dots connected.

The dots connected, I could make this style.

I will scan this one and convert to the data.

And then I will commercialize to something, I am thinking about that.

I don't sell original work, so if I make a lot of ukiyo-e works, 

I can keep a lot of works and can hold the exhibition. I can see my future.

And then I told about that to my wife

and she said that

Do you keep to make remake clothes?
Yes I do, I will.

My works are SUPER BORO BORO Series and Vintage remake series.
I will continue make my works more.

Thank you!





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