Tabi history is very long and very old. 

I don't know when somebody created Tabi. 

Tabi in Japanese culture, we have to recommend to the world.

And I think that Tabi will be popular because they are very unique design.

I came up about making SUPER BORO BORO JIKATABI when I bought Tabi last summer. 

When I was taken some puctures for listing online store, 

I was wearing Jikatabi. 

And I thought at that time " they are very comfortable, 

if I will make SUPER BORO BORO JIKATABI by them, 

I guess they will be more cool! "

So I made sample.

And then I posted them on Instagram.

I got a lot of reaction.

I thought that SUPER BORO BORO JIKATABI is very great idea.

But it was very difficult that making them.

Because first Jikatabi was used adhesive to their outsole.

My hand-stitching needle broke a lot when I was making them.

So I was looking for other company and I found that.



They are sewing by hand when sticking outsole to body.

I love this word, "sewing by hand" .

So I ordered 2 jikatabi. 

Their Jikatabi are very great works, so I contacted to KINEYA TABI.

And I started making SUPER BORO BORO JIKATABI by them.

Anyway if you want to buy normal jikatabi,  Please check their web site.


you can get them!

Thank you!




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