The logo


Hello, how are you??? 

This year is really difficult year, but almost done. 

Anyway recently I made my new logos.

So far, name of our works was SASAKI-JIRUSHI .

We made over 1500 stuff SASAKI-JIRUSHI in 7 years.

First, my wife used this name before 7 years.

She was making clothes by antique fabric since 2013.

She gets bored easily about things, hobby, and more, she said herself.

But the sewing is not bored for her. She keep to sewing clothes in 7 years.

A first work was a vintage remade clothes , and next work was antique linens stuff.

By the way, she is making saruel pants from before.

The her saruel pants was improved to the maximum.

Anyway, SASAKI-YOHINTEN was selling vintage clothes and SASAKI-JIRUSHI's works.

But this situation is little bit changing.

A few years before, I was uploading a lot of vintage clothes on our online store. And I was buying a lot of vintage clothes and traditional clothes from worldwide. 

But I started to making my patchwork stuff in earnest .

Why was my mind changing?

Because I got very difficult experience that my son's hospitalization and the pandemic.

I decided about I will be a patchwork artist.

I have to grow up my value for the future, I thought at that time.

So I didn't upload a lot of vintage clothes on online store in this 2 years.

I wanted to make my patchwork stuff more.

So in 2020, I made a lot of patchwork stuff and uploaded them on online store.

And then SASAKI-JIRUSHI was changing, it was her brand but now it becomes my brand.

If I got request from customers about they wants buy some SASAKI-JIRUSHI by email or DM, we confused which do they want my works or her works.

My works and her works are completely different style.

So I thought that we need to separate.

We were thinking about that long long time.

Finally I made my new logos. 

This is my face.

I was thinking a lot of things for making logos.

Please check out about my Instagram, I already posted about that.

This logo can use a lot of things.

I can make like that color options.

I can add Japanese font and stamp.

And I can make name card easily. 

I want to spread my works to worldwide. 

So I have to explain about me very simply and easily to foreigners.

I think this my face logo can do that.

By the way , about my wife's logo is....

The logos were not made by my wife, these were made by BOTARUYA.

They put their hearts into making these logos. 

They took time a few month for making them. 

They used video chat, Zoom, email and a lot of communication. 

I think my wife tells about the logos soon on Instagram.

We use SASAKI-JIRUSHI in 2020, And then we will separate them to MITSUGU and Sasaki Chiho next year.

Thank you!




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