December, last month of 2020

 How are you? Finally December, last month of this year.

This year is very hard for us.

Our store has reopened January 1st 2020. 

We have closed temporarily last year.

I thought "We can make come back!! We do our best this year! "

But Covid 19 came to Japan.

Not only Japan, not only Asia, not only Europe, Covid 19 infected with worldwide.

During March to June, we couldn't ship to international customer, because shipping company was not available.

But customers were waiting for that a few months.

I was so happy, thank you so much for waiting.

Anyway almost finished this year.

And my last event of this year is pop-up in Hong Kong.

My works will go to this store.

If you live in Hong Kong, please share this information and please go to our pop-up shop!

Next year I wish that a lot of problem will be gone and everyone will be happy.

I want to go to other countries for buying antique fabric, I want to join a lot of exhibition in other countries,  I want to spread our store to the world.

Thank you so much!!! Please keep checking our information!!!

(I have to study English more.)




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