Small market at Iwadeyama Miyagi Japan


Hello, how are you???

It's November. Time is so quickly. 

there is only two months left this year.

last year, my son and I left his hospital in October, and I launched Crowdfunding for going to buying our material.

And then, I went to France for buying antique fabric last November.

And I prepared for reopening our web store December.

This year, 1st January, we could reopen web store!!!

We are doing very well about our web store.

but you know Covid 19 was coming...

All countries were stopped by virus.

I was very sad because I had to stop again even though I was able to return work.

Anyway I could make my works, so I was making a lot of m works everyday even can't sell, can't ship to overseas.

Everyday I was making that.

Thanks to my actions, I was able to join in the exhibition in France, I got it published in a Brazilian magazine and I can hold our pop-up in Macau now.

Anyway I am doing my best everyday!

By the way, my family moved house to "Iwadeyama" .

this is very small town.

But "Iwadeyama" has a lot of talent people!

It's very interesting town.

This weekend we have event at Iwadeyama. This is small market. 

And SASAKI-YOHINTEN will join it.

This is my wife idea.

We will sell my works a little, a lot of her works and vintage clothes of the world.

The store staff is her, so I have to take care of my son and daughter.(we just playing)

if you live in Miyagi or Iwate, please come to this market.

Thank you!