Next challenge, Pop-up shop in Hong Kong



How are you??

The winter is coming to my town, it's getting cold these days, so I can't jog. 

I will be chubby during winter season, I have to do something.

My son is practicing skipping rope in kindergaten.

I thought when I saw it "I will try this”.

Yesterday I tried skipping rope only 10 min, it was very hard work.

I will report about that, I hope I will not be chubby.

By the way, my next challenge!!!

I will hold pop-up shop at STOREROOMS in Hong Kong, this period is 18-31st Dec 2020. 

Actually I got offer from them when it was last December during my store temporarily closed.

But COVID 19 spreaded in the world this year.

So we didn't keep in touch.

I thought that pop-up store is gone in Hong Kong.

But they sent me DM this summer, they said that we want to hold your pop-up shop.

My answer was of course OK!! 

By the way, I researched about them by online. 

Their style is different to my style, so if my pop-up shop hold, we can't make money I thought.

But please check these pictures.

They are so cool!!!

I already sent a few my works to them last October and they are selling now.

I think my works are liked by especially American customers and European customers. 

I hope my works wil spread to Asian countries.

This is last challenge 2020.

This year is no good year.

But someday I want to tell to my kids about this year, my challenge, how to overcome virus pandemic and more.

I do my best because I am Samurai!




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