Pop-up in Macau and next new challenge...



We have a plan of pop up at COL BLEU in Macau, period is 31st October to 15th November.

I shipped all my works to Macau 15th Oct, this is too quickly.

Because I heard that international shipping is very slowly by Covid-19.

So I shipped them very quickly.

My package arraived a fer days later, very safely and very fast.

And they were preparing for pop up and they finished it.

they asked to me " May I start pop-up 24th October?"

So I said yo them " Sure! it's up to you"

So this pop-up period is 24th October to 15th November.

When this event ended, my works will back to Japan. 

And then I will re-list my works on Etsy.

Now I am making new works and listing them on Etsy.

Please check out!  

And next information.

She is Phebe Starr, Australian singer-songwriter.

We met on Instagram.

She is vintage wear lover, I think. 

And I saw on her post that she wears French vintage work wear.

And I like her songs, I am listening her music everyday.

Her music is amazing and beautiful.

So we have lots in common I think.

So I sent message on Instagram. " Let's collaboration !"

And she replyed "Sounds nice!" .

So I will ship to patchwork dress and vintage shirt.

I joined her works.

Photographer: Raex @whereisraex

H+M: @Shazmassy


Please check out their Instagram account! 

Thank you so much!!!

You can listen her music on Youtube, Apple music, and Spotify.

We are so busy since we moved new town.

I am so happy I have to keep to do that!!!

And my wife will join small market in Iwadeyama Osaki city.

This market will hold 7th and 8th November at "Kaza no atelier/Omoya ".

She join to market for the first time in a while.

She is little bit nervous.

There is only two months left this year.

We have to do our best!!!

We hope to receive the support of our fans.

Thank you!




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