It's been a month since we moved.



It's been to a month since we moved from Furukawa to Iwadeyama.

We finished make shooting studio, and then we are making new works and are listing on web store everyday.

It's usual life.

This town is very beautiful of nature and traditional town.

We like this town.

We are inspired by that.

If you will visit to Japan when Covid-19 be gone, 

please come to our town.

You can see Japanese old town, I will show you around.

By the way, please check out this information!!!

Date is 18th September to 4th October.

"BLEU de travail"

Place is LE NON LIEU.

Works of 21 artists will be gathered.

Actually this place is North France.

City is Roubaix.

I can't go to this exhibition, but my works already arrived here.

These works are "SUPER BORO BORO JACKETS" .

I made them, I added Japanese antique fabric by hand work to French vintage workwear.
These works are fusion of Japanese and French culture.

I hope these works will resonate to French people.

I hope that I can go to France next year, 

for visit here and for buying vintage clothes in various places.

Thank you!




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