We moved new town.


I couldn't write article on blog this month.

Because we were SUPER busy. Our house and our work space moved to new town.

My first moving was 18 years old, 20 years ago.

And then I experienced 11 times moving.

Year by year, my power is losing, my speed is down.

My age tells on me.

Anyway we moved from Furukawa Osaki-shi to Iwadeyama Osaki-shi.

This "shi" is city. Furukawa and Iwadeyama are same city. 

But 15 years ago, they were different town.

This Iwatayama town is very old town, it has long history.

1591, Masamune Date Lord used live in here, he is very famous Shogun.

So this town looks like old Japanese town.

And this town has a lot of homeless cats.
But they are loved by local people. 
Their face looks like happy, I think.

I am posting this town's pictures on IG stories.
Please check out.

By the way, I tell about our web store.
Actually our web store reopened yesterday.

So we can ship to oversea, but shipping is very slowly by Covid-19.
Please take care yourself.
Please wear mask and wash your hands.
Our store reopened but we can't list new works on Etsy.
We can't take new works pictures.

We are making new shooting studio.
I will peel off the wallpaper and floor mat.
And then I'll peel off floor adhesive tape and paint color to wall.

I hope this working finish end of August.
I want to make new works and list on web store.
Please wait a little.
Thank you!




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