Let me update on how things are going.

How are you?
It's been long time since I have written last article.
Why did I stop writing blog? I have a reason.
Because COVID-19.
COVID -19 spread of infectious, and everyone stay at home.
So I hoped that my blog was read everyone because everyone stay at home and everyone has a lot of time.
So I was writing article everyday but page view wasn't got.
So I stopped writing blog and then I began editing video for update on YouTube.

I am updating videos for my works introduction.
My videos are telling how to make my works and how many take time.

I got more followers little by little on YouTube.
I am so happy ,on the other hand I noticed about editing video for update on YouTube is very hard work.
But someday, I want to introduce my works by only video.
So I have to practice making video and learn.

Japanese economy and world economy are stopped by COVID-19.
My store, SASAKI-YOHINTEN is selling our works to worldwide.
This situation is very hard time.
How do we get over? I have to think about that.

I lost my dad before 1 years, I lost our store by fire before 3 years.
And my son's serious illness found before 2 years, and we fought against disease.
I've gone through several tough experiences in my life.
To be honest, compared to my painful experience , this very hard situation is not bad.
(I wrote about only this economy stop.)
Human is very strong, we will always be resurrected.
So my answer is " I have to make my works even this situation. "
Because I believe the world will be return.





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