Palaka jacket

Hello, are you doing stay at home?
Almost Japanese people keep staying at home,
but a bit of Tokyo people didn’t stay at home last weekend.
I can’t understand, please stay at home.
If we can stay at home 2-3 weeks, COVID-19 will be weak and then we can win!
Only 2-3 week,  we have to do that.
My son and I have stayed room at hospital last year, this period was 4 months. We couldn’t go out 4 months.
Only 2-3 weeks is very easy!
We can do it!

By the way, I made new work!
I show to wife, she said, “This vintage jacket is very rare!”.
No no, this is my work!

I added this fabric on 1960’s French work jacket.

This fabric is French antique, I guess 19th century?
I love this indigo blue plaid.
This is very rare, so this was very expensive.
Anyway I add this fabric to blue jacket.

By the way, do you know Palaka plaid?

This is “Palaka plaid” .
I haven't known this fabric name.
But I have seen this jacket a few times.
I remembered that this one , so I made this jacket like “Palaka jacket” .
Palaka plaid is Hawaiian old fabric.

I added indigo blue plaid to work jacket by all handwork.

This sewing method is same to SUPE BORO BORO SERIES.
I take time 50-60 hours for SUPER BORO BORO SERIES, I took time 30 hours for this jacket. I used same fabric, but there are faded color area. These faded color area is  very cool, this is old fabric! Rustic! I love this.
Please check more detail and size on Etsy page.
Thank you!




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