A few days before, I wrote about "Shipping to oversea" .

Japan Post is stopping that shipping to 160 countries.

There are 196 countries in the earth. So I can't ship to 80% countries.

I am feeling about strength of COVID-19.

Our store's half customers are oversea.

So our store's sales is going down , you know.

We are making our works by old fabric,

our works of only one of the world.

We are selling to all over Japan by web, also to oversea.

We don't have store so our expense is very cheap.

This is invincible, this is "SASAKI-YOHINTEN".

But Covid-19's attack is very strong.

I guess they will come to our town soon.

We are attacked more.

But we are SASAKI-YOHINTEN,  invincible SASAKI.

We were lost all stuff by fire, but we came back only after 2 month.

Our store was stopped 8 months for my son's hospitalization and my daughter.

But we could come back in January.

Next enemy is Covid-19.

We don't know if we can get support from the Japanese government.

Because Japanese government is very stingy and very slowly.

I do not expect the Japanese government.

So I have to fight to Covid-19 with own power.

I said to my wife about this, and she said.

"We are always fighting some enemy, but we never give up.
I know we can do it, you can do it."

She was smile.

We will move next town this summer.

So we have to win to Covid-19.

3 years ago, 2 years ago, last year and this year, we are fighting every year.

We can do it!




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