Hello, how are you?
Everyday we are watching news of Coronavirus outbreak.
"Stay at the home order"
"Buy up"
Everyday we are watching negative news.

We don't know when Corona shock is finish.
I guess this situation will be very long time, a few month or half year?
Please take care of yourself.

This situation is very hard for freelance.
Of course I am freelance too.
But I am OK, our store will be alright.
Why I am thinking about it?
Because our store overcame hardships many times.

I will write about we overcame hardships.

Our store name is SASAKI-YOHINTEN.
We started store in November 2014.
And then my son was born in January 2015.
My wife stopped her works a year for our son.
She came back to our store the spring 2016.
We were very good!
But March 2017, our store was burned all.

We lost our works, antique & vintage fabric, laptop, camera, and more.
Also photos of our family memory was gone because the laptop had the data.
We lost many money, but our store was not quit forever, our store had temporary closed.
And then my family moved from Gunma to Miyagi, and we re-opened web store after 2 months from fire.
Our business stopped 2 months, we were very nervous but we were supported from our family and our friends.
We could overcome 1st hardship !

After we reopened web store, we were very good.
Our works went to Sydney for exhibition.
And then I did 1st challenge summer 2018.
It was Crowdfunding for going to France.
I went to France September 2018 for buying antique & vintage clothes.
But 2nd hardship was coming...

My son's disease found when I just came back to Japan.
He started hospitalization life with my wife soon.
She was pregnant at the time.
His treatment is 2 years and his hospitalization is 1 year.
He was 3 years old at the time.
I was very shocked, I was crying everyday.

And then my daughter was born April 2019.
So our store coudn't run, so our store was closed from April to December.

He left hospital last October.
He is getting treatment but he is very well.
His treatment will finish December this year.

I challenged Crowdfunding again October 2019 for buying-trip to France.
And Our store reopened web store 1st January 2020.

We overcame 2nd hardship.
And next Covid-19.
Our store just reopened this year, we have to overcome new trouble.
But we can do it.
So please look us.
We are unhappy family, but our family will be win this situation.
My family is strong !!!
So you can do it, I think.
Let's get over together!!!!
Thank you!

And his name is Ken Shimura.
He was best comedian in Japan.
May he rest in peace.




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