Small patchwork jacket

How are you?
Today, I introduce this item.
This is small patchwork jacket, I listed it before a week.
I think it was best that I introduce about this jacket on blog when I listed on web store.
But I couldn't post at that time.
Because I have thought that " I have to make my works a lot, I have to stop writing blog, because the writing blog takes a lot time."
But now, situation was changed.
Almost people can't go outside we have to protect from COVID-19.
So if we have many time at the home, I hope that this blog help to you.
Please read my blog if you have many time.


I purchased this jacket when I visited to France last November.
I thought that
"This is small, this form is rare, and color is.... "
when I saw at first.

And then I mended like this.
I used big patched fabric and white thick thread overall of jacket.
Because the color of this jacket was strange, so I patched and mended many places.
I thought this jacket is neutralized by I patched many places.
I think it is succeed! 

Anyway this is small size, so I recommend to women.
Please check more detail on Etsy.
Thank you!

I will stop my business tomorrow, because my son and I will go to hospital for blood test.
So I will post SNS and will make my works 2 days after.
Stay safe!
Please washing hands, please no handshake, please don't hug, please wear mask ,
take care !




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