Progress of mending Indigo linen smock

Yesterday, my son went to Kindergarten.
He finished the second year of Kindergarten.
He left hospitalization life last October, 
and then he restart to going to Kindergarten last December.
It passed 3 month very fast.
He coundn’t go to Kindergarten about 1 year, But he became normal 5 years old kids, I proud to him.

By the way, we don’t need more coronavirus. Please disappear coronavirus.
Please be careful, please stay safe everyone!
Only this period please don’t shake hands
Please don’t hug, please always wear mask .

This situation is very hard for our business.
Even if I list a lot of stuff on Etsy, they can not sell , I think.
So I decided to mend this smock.
I guess this mending takes a lot of time.

This smock is French antique item, made in 19th century, 120 years before, I guess.
This smock was broken a lot.
And then I thought about method of mending.
Just mending or mending like SASAKI-JIRUSHI.
This smock is very expensive, so I hope that this one will be more increase in value if I finished mending like SASAKI-JIRUSHI.

And then I decided mending method of SASAKI JIRUSHI.
My mending method makes the damaged parts stand out.
I want to make only one of the world.

This is Indigo linen from 120 years before France.
So I used indigo cotton from 120 years before Japan.
I am mending it now.
I don’t know when finish it.
I will do my best!
Thank you!



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