Patchwork shirt , before and after.

We came back to home town from Gunma yesterday.
Our spring holidays finished.
So I will work very hard from today.
Everyday I will make new works and I will list them on Etsy.
But now Corona-shock, so our business is very difficult, I know.
It's gonna be alright, our normal life will be come back definitely.
(I am sorry that Japanese young people are stupid, they don't stay at home.)

By the way, I listed this shirt on Etsy before spring holidays.

This shirt photos is before I start mending it.

This is very old work shirt, I guess made in 1950's France.
Fabric is soft cotton. There are faded color spots and repaired spots.

Collar had many damaged, so I repaired by Sashiko and patched fabric.

The back had small damaged, I used black thick thread for mending, because I wanted to make this mending spot more noticeable.
The damage is individuality, I think.
So I wanted make the damage more noticeable.

Please check out more detail and size on Etsy store.
Thank you!
Please take care of yourself!




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