It's finished Indigo linen patchwork smock

My son and I went to hospital for his blood test a few days before.
He doesn't have problem, he is good condition! We were relieved.
And I asked to his doctor about Covid-19, he said,
"We are in trouble. But this hospital is safe. There is no problem if we prevent like the flu prevention."
The news on TV is telling always negative news.
We don't have to panic.

Anyway, this patchwork smock was finished making!

This fabric was made by French indigo linen,
so I used Japanese antique indigo fabric.
And I used indigo thick thread, all indigo blue! But different blue!!

This is where I struggled.



Sleeves were have big holes, fabric was distorted.
It's very difficult to mending them, they became very strange patchwork type.
But I like them!

This patchwork smock was already sold out.
Thank you so much !!!
I want to make it again someday.




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